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American Trip Book Launch Video

November 12, 2020

Comments and responses to the themes and ideas of American Trip: Set, Setting and the Psychedelic Experience in the 20th Century.


8:40 Leor Roseman: Psychedelic peace-building. occupation, liberation, messianic consciousness and Leary’s shadow.

30:00 Uri Shwed: From American Trip to global experience. Symmetrically analyzing drug users experiences.

53:30 Yahav Erez: Stay at home and trip. Recreational use in times of a pandemic.

1:14:30 Tomer Persico. The ethics of consciousness. The Normative element in our set and setting.

1:36:00 Nico Teen – Psychedelic Music Performance

2:03:00 Erik Davis. Setting up set and setting.

2:19:00 Nancy Campbell. The ineffable intensification of ontology.

2:36:45 David Dupuis. The Socialization of hallucination. Anthropological insights on set and setting.

2:56:00 Nicolas Langlitz. Political psychopharmacology.

3:07:15 Closing words (Ido Hartogsohn) and discussion with panelists

Evening host: Noah Efron Psychedelic videos are from the Psychedelic

Video Museum


Shmulik Kraus – Shishi Cham / Ori Toor – Vial of Sound / The Geula Party – Choosing Good / Guy Treffler – Not Mine / Victoria Hanna – 22 Letters / Ori Toor – Kingdom Crumbs

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