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About Ido Hartogsohn

idotelavivI have been interested in the study of psychedelics ever since my first encounter with them, in the beginning of the 2000s. Over the years I have written on the topic extensively, focusing on the ways which psychedelics agents interact with human culture and on their potential for society and the individual.

My PhD research, in the Science, Technology and Society (STS) program of the Bar Ilan University focused on the study of psychedelics as a technology. Using the framework of STS, my dissertation, The Psycho-Social Construction of LSD: How Set and Setting Shaped the American Psychedelic Experience, deals with the ways in which social and cultural forces shaped the reception of psychedelics in the research and culture of 1950s and 1960s America. It was followed by a 1 year postdoc at the STS Program at Harvard Kennedy School. A dramatically reworked and drastically  improved version of it is scheduled to come out soon (more updates to come!).

I have also had abundant experience working as a journalist and blogger.  I have written for a variety of prominent Israeli newspapers and  magazines including Haaretz, Maariv, Walla, Ynet, NRG and Nana, covering such topics as technology, culture and spirituality. My blog “Technomystica” (Hebrew) has covered  the interactions of technology and consciousness since 2007 and led in 2009 to the publication my first book “Technomystica: Consciousness in the Age of Technology” (Hebrew), which book presented the Hebrew reader, for the first time, with the work of psychedelic thinkers such as Huxley, Leary and McKenna, and attracted much attention and praise in Israeli media. In 2010 I have founded “The Daily Psychedelic Video”, a website dedicated to the exploration of psychedelic aesthetics in film, which has since become the most extensive hub for psychedelic videos on the web. In 2015 I have founded Psychedelic Traveler, a website dedicated to psychedelic locations around the world.



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